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Presents for him

  • Zoffoli's roots lay in a past rich in passion, tenacious work and acknowledgements in the field of miniatures and cartography. In 1963, Italo Zoffoli, head of a generation of expert craftsmen, reaped

  •  Luxurious bar Napoleon will be a perfect gift for someone who loves history Napoleon Bonaparte had a natural genius for war. He was the best strate gist of the 19th century, but also one of the

  • Sundial with zodiac Each one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac indicates the meeting of several heavenly bodies at a given time and in the same phase. These astral sections have been used since time i

  • The exclusive collection of Spanish brand combines the perfection of traditional, timeless patterns and modern technology. In the '70s of XXth century, after a major investment in technology, Credansa

  • Legatoria Koine is a leather accessories company specialising in leather briefcases, photo albums, journals, agendas, unique products for hand writing and other curiousities. The objects produced by t

  • Legatoria Koine is a leather accessories company specialising in leather briefcases, photo albums, journals, agendas, unique products for hand writing and other curiousities. The objects produced b

  • Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument or brush. The calligraphy sets ( calligraphy pens and supplies) produced by Itali

  • Luxurious patterns recall the past The working procedure reflects the Italian tradition of leather bookbinding. Each and every item is individually crafted by expert hands with luxurious, unique and

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  • Caran d’Ache, founded in 1915 by Arnold Schweitzer, was a product of Switzerland’s long history of watchmaking and jewellery manufacture. Today, it is the epitome of superior quality

  • Stylish sextant with clock After the compass, the sextant was the instrument that most contributed to improving ancient navigation systems. The sextant enabled the navigator to measure the angle

  • This company was born and grown up in the great tradition of Florentine craftsmanship, and aims at transmitting unique form of art to the future generations, continuing to increase the quality, innova

  • Seventeen international design awards in just four years are proof of the passion and high standards with which Sigel designers approach their work. Expertise in style and an instinct for making thing

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  •  Nowadays, workspaces are now increasingly turning into living spaces, both in the private and the professional sphere. Good design creates a feeling of well-being and a pleasant environment. T

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  •  Maruse Pelletteria is an Italian company, specialized in production of leather items. Their products are designed and manufactured in keeping with the best of traditional Italian style

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  • Countless prestigious honors attest to the fact that Columbus is the world leader in quality, luxury and customer satisfaction. Established in 1909 in Berlin, Germany, COLUMBUS is the oldest globe man

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At first it seems that choosing a good gift for a man can be more than a problem. It can be so, when buying a gift for a person that we know only from business contacts or one, that we have only very recently met. That is why we have a broad offer of presents that will satisfy both close friends and professional contacts. Here you may find both classic presents, such as high quality fountain pens, paperweights or various other accessories and personalized presents, referring to e.g. preferred ways of spending free time. Beautiful carafes, stylish poker sets, extraordinary statues - we offer everything that can embellish an interior for a man, change an office to fit a true businessman, or add more class to the man that receives such a present. All of the products were carefully produces from the highest quality materials. Each one is a little work of art on its own, with its astonishing look.

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