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Agreement termination


Right to terminate the agreement

You shall be granted the right to terminate this agreement within 14 days without providing us with any reason for making such a decision.

Agreement termination deadline expires after 14 days from the moment of collecting the ordered item or from the moment a third party not being a carrier collecting the ordered item. 

In order to take advantage of the right to terminate the agreement, please contact us at: 

LUXURY PRODUCTS CYLWIK SPÓŁKA JAWNA seat address and correspondence address: Elewatorska 7b Street (15-620), entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the following number: 0000516574, registration court where the documentation of the company is kept: District Court in Bialystok, 12th Economic Division of the National Court Register, TIN no. 5423238705, REGON no. 200869111; e-mail address: office@myluxuryproducts.com

You should inform us about your decision to terminate this agreement in the form of an explicit statement (sent, for example, via traditional mail, fax, or e-mail). 

You may take advantage of the template of the agreement termination form, but it is not obligatory. 

You can also fill in and send the form or any other explicit statement by using our website or e-mail account, namely: office@luxuryproducts.eu

If you decide to take advantage of such a method, we will immediately send you the confirmation of the reception of a statement relating to agreement termination (in its online form).

In order for the agreement termination validity date to be kept, it is enough to send us a notification on the willingness to terminate the agreement before the agreement termination deadline specified above. 

Results of agreement termination

In the case of terminating this agreement, we will return all the received payments, including item delivery costs (excluding additional costs incurred due to you choosing a shipment method different than the cheapest one offered by us) immediately, no later than within 14 days from the moment of receiving your notification about the willingness to terminate this agreement.

Payments will be returned by utilizing the same payment method(s) as the one(s) chosen while initially paying for the ordered goods, unless you explicitly specified a particular payment return form.

In all cases, you will not be required to incur any additional fees in relation to the return.
After making prior arrangement with you, we may require the return of the ordered item in the case of agreement termination.

If you choose to send us the returned item via mail or courier company – we may withhold payment return till the reception of the item or a proof of sending it, whichever  comes first.

In the case of agreement termination, please send the returned item to the following address: Elewatorska 7b Street (15-620), immediately, no later than within 14 days from the moment of informing us about the willingness of terminating this agreement.

The item will be considered returned properly if it is sent to us within the timeframe specified above.

If you decide to terminate the agreement, you will be required to cover item return costs. If you choose a shipping method different than the cheapest one offered by us, we will not be obliged to return the additional costs incurred. 

You are only held responsible for lowering the value of the ordered item due to using it for a purpose different than checking the specificity, nature, and mode of operation of such an item.

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