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  • Contact us
  • office@myluxuryproducts.com
  • +48 660 777 937

How to order?

The administrators of the Luxury Products online platform do their best for the process of goods purchasing to be as simple and transparent as possible. Check out how to order items from us in few simple steps.
1. Select a desired category and product.

2. If the product you have selected is available in several variants, select the right size and model. Then, the exact product price will be displayed.

3. Add the selected items to the cart – at this stage you can return to the purchasing process by clicking the '' continue shopping '' option

4. If you want to finalize your purchase, select the country of delivery and shipping method

5. Afterwards, choose how you want to pay for your products
6. If you want to provide us with additional details, fill in the '' order-related comments '' section – we will then have all important pieces of information relating the order in one place

7. In the order summary you will receive, you will be provided with item value, shipping costs, payment method, and the total amount to be paid

8. If everything seems all right, click the '' continue '' icon

9. You will then be taken to a subpage where you will be asked to provide your personal data. If your place of residence is different than shipping address, you will be able to indicate that by filling an auxiliary form
10. Below, there will be a field with invoicing data 

11. At this stage, you can go back by clicking the '' back '' option. After filling in all the required fields, click the '' summary '' icon

12. On the summary page, there will be all details of your order provided, so if everything is all right, accept our Terms and Conditions and click the  '' purchase and pay '' icon

13. That is it! You have just made a purchase at Luxury Products

14. You will be sent an e-mail with your order summary 

15. You will receive all key pieces of information relating to shipping and order realization time via e-mail or via phone 

16. You can also easily place your order via phone – below, there are phone numbers to our Customer Servicing Staff provided

+48 660 777 937
+ 48 600 686 320


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