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When was the company opened?

The Luxury Products Company was opened at the beginning of 2011 and was later on transformed into Luxury Products Cylwik General Partnership in 2014.

Who are we?

We are exclusive goods experts and lovers. We simply adore everything that is connected with them, so we decided to open a shop and grant you the possibility of purchasing luxurious goods from all over the world!  

Our goal

To create the biggest offer of exclusive and family-run manufactures in the world, which have been offering top quality goods for centuries or have just entered the market with their items. 

We want to provide you with trustworthy premium goods and services only, for we are fully responsible for the top quality and wholesomeness of our offer.  

A friend rather than a client

We started the project determined to approach customers differently. We want to fully understand their needs and improve our image thanks to trust customers have in us. We are fully aware of the fact that every client is predominantly a human being.  

Shopping-related satisfaction

All you have to do is to call us to understand why we stand out from the crowd of similar companies.

Products on demand

We look for and acquire goods from all over the world. Just send us your request and we will take care of the rest.  

How to place an order?
For your convenience, we have launched efficient product ordering functions. You can purchase items as a registered user, or – if you are short of time – without registering.  

Each product page includes a phone number. You can call us to ask some follow-up questions about the desired item. Other useful phone numbers can be found in the “Contact us” section. 

There are several thousand products available. How to quickly select the target group of products that are of interest to me?  

At the top of the page – next to the Luxury Products logo - there is a search module allowing for searching for desired phrases and keywords. It will surely make it notably easier for you to browse the offer. We would also like to encourage you to contact us via phone, for then we will be able to select something for your from our vast assortment.  

Questions and requests

Quick way of asking questions – on the right side of a product page, there is the '' Ask a question '' button. You can also contact us by using the option in the upper right corner of the shop.


Various payment forms make it possible for you to select the most preferred one. The most commonly used ones are – bank transfer, PAYPAL transfer, and PAYU transfer. We can also send you COD parcels.  

Shipping abroad

We can sent ordered items to a foreign country.

Parcel management

Parcels we send to our clients are managed by UPS, DPD, and DHL courier companies

Do you issue VAT invoices?

We can issue a VAT invoice or a receipt for every item purchased. If you want a VAT invoice to be issued, click the „Cart” button and then select the „VAT invoice” option.

Are the prices provided gross ones?

Yes, they are.

Engraving, extrusion, identification plates

We are capable of making engravings on the majority of products, starting from cufflinks, through pendants, and silver cutlery, up to unique pots and items of furniture.

We can also make extrusions in leather. Identification plates are typically incorporated into the inside of decorative boxes.


Exclusive products are quite frequently purchased with future generations in mind and that is why we are so likely to identify with them.

You can always decorate them additionally with initials, family crest, or any other symbol. 
Engraving will surely look astounding on such items as silver cutlery!

Company-specific gifts

We have created one of the biggest gift offers in Poland that covers a wide scope of prices and branches of industry. We can provide you with company-specific gifts, holiday gadgets, or individually selected items. 

Are Luxury Products items available in the shop only?

The presented goods and services are only a part of our vast offer. Our assortment incorporates several hundred brands from the entire globe.

Some of them are only presented during individual meetings with the client due to a specific policies followed by certain item providers. 

Product presentation

We can meet with you personally to showcase you selected products. We are also capable of sending items via a courier company for you to familiarize with them. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to request such a presentation. 

Catalogues, material and resource samples

On your request, we can send paper catalogues, as well as material, leather, and resource samples. You will be able to feel them for yourself and check out the texture of the material.

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