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picture Unusual silk rug - SARI SILK TX3422
picture Unusual silk rug - SARI SILK TX3422
picture Unusual silk rug - SARI SILK TX3422

Unusual silk rug - SARI SILK TX3422

Elegant and exotic carpets by Razes Oriental.


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Do you happen to watch fairytales? If so, we, together Rezas, would like to take you to a marvelous world, where oriental and European styles meet. You can believe us that both you and your living room cannot be truly unique without stylish Rezas Oriental carpets.
The Rezas Oriental company was established in 1991 in a rather modest spot. However, after just few years, it established fruitful cooperation with the biggest department stores in the world. Almost no one becomes the biggest importer of oriental carpets in Northern Europe overnight. This company managed to achieve that.

We love and admire such powerful brands. Even its representatives have noticed that the market has changed notably. Nowadays, clients look for something much more than just an oriental pattern. Modern carpets have to be of top quality, be made in line with ancient manufacturing principles, as well as combine it all with a completely new approach to design. Set standards are there to be adjusted to the needs of tasteful style lovers and Rezas Oriental is 100% aware of that. Brand awareness is also a very important aspect of its operation. Respecting the environment and taking a proper care of employees are paramount if one wants to become recognizable worldwide. Razes Oriental improves water quality in Iran, but it is just one of its many ecology-oriented undertakings.

Luxury Products Brand is characterized by over 8 years of experience in the field of  exclusive interior designs. Feel free to take care of toll-free consultation-oriented services provided by our designers. 

Attributes / Details
Manufacturer Rezas Oriental & Modern Rugs
Model TX3422
Material Colorful Silk Rug - SARI SILK TX3422, from the Danish brand Reza’s. It is a carpet with a unique history and style. The traditional costume of Indian women is Sari made of 100% silk. This is a very colorful and patterned material 9 meters long, which, when properly wrapped, creates an outfit similar to a long loose dress. Among wealthy women, Sari is a costume that is often exchanged, and despite the noble material from which it is made and the artistry of design it represents, Sari very often just throws away. Indian carpet weavers came up with the idea to buy Sari and create original carpets from them. The material is thoroughly cleaned, then cut into thin strips and sorted by color. From these thin silk strips thick yarn is created, from which the whole carpet is sewn with a very time-consuming and advanced technique of weaving - knotting (up to 100,000 knots per m2). The rug, thanks to the material from which it is made and the technique of weaving, is pleasant to the touch, resilient and durable. In addition, it improves room acoustics, and its breathable structure maintains heat, while retaining dust and chemicals, thereby purifying the air you breathe.
Design Modern
Destiny To home
Additional information Standard deviation of up to 5% from the dimensions given is allowed, as well as a slight unevenness in the edge of the carpet.
Gramatura 2500g/m2
Gwarancja 2 years
Collection SARI SILK
Size 1.2cm total thickness of the carpet
Form Rectangle
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