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Luxury ceramics & porcelain

  • Hand made sprigs of roses to be elegant Elegant style line with sprigs of hand made roses decorated through brushes by expert artisans with warm and soft colors. You can choose different colors for

  • Ceramic oceanic decorations for your luxurious apartment The elegant ceramics for stylish interior design. Since 1965 in the family CAMPAGNARO produces unearthly and unordinary ceramics. Sinc

    from €200.00-
  • Italian ceramics for the beautiful mansion The Italian factory Sonda Ceramics was founded in 1974 by Domenico Sonda. Since then, the company has gained great popularity around the world by creating b

  • Luxurious figures made of ceramics are available in many shapes and colours The handcrafted animals will create an unique ambience in your interiors. In the same time, these artistic masterpie

    from €422.00-
  • From the symposium of pastel colors mixing together, to the lucid and the opaque glazes, to the gold reflecting the light, everything is the result of the deep exploration of distant worlds that, a

  • Subtle figures of cats will create a sophisticated atmosphere in every interior From the symposium of pastel colors mixing together, to the lucid and the opaque glazes, to the gold reflecting

    from €105.00-
  • Gold plated luxurious tiger statuettes In Ahura's offer available in Luxury Products you will find many shapes and models of ceramic objects, statues, animals, vases, figures, cloc

    from €359.00-
  • Ceramiche Boxer is well known and appreciated both in Italy and in foreign countries The company has remained faithful to its traditions, to the handcraftsmanship, to the manual production of the it

  • Highest-quality ceramics fired in Italy The beautiful history of the manufactory Ceramiche Trea reaches back to the year 1968, when two young craftsmen from Nove – Giovanni Sondy and Adriano Tolio

    from €589.00-
  •  Unique and elegant ceramic furnishing of your interior Elite Italian products for equipping living rooms and apartments. We are satisfied to present you a new brand on the Polish market. It is

  • Wonderful elegant water pitcher made of ceramic with a beautiful decorative handle The Luxury Products would like to present made by hand ceramic products decorated with summer motifs by Rebirth Cera

  • Elegant, pitcher made of Italian pottery from the Rebirth unconPITCHER collection The Luxury Products would like to introduce handcrafted ceramic creations decorated with summer motives by Rebirth Ce

  • Avant-garde ceramic bowl with elephant with raised trumpet decoration by unconANIMAL collection The Luxury Products would like to recommend made by hand ceramic articles decorated with summer motifs

  • Artistic interpretation of beauty results as a precious hand crafted swan decorated with elegant roses. Luxurious animals and people figurines are available in different sizes. Furthermore, as a

  • Elegant figurines of young girl and boy are gold plated Beautiful Italian ceramics The experience and the use of the exquisite quality materials are the pillars on which F.L. Org

    from €186.00-

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