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picture Italian classic white bookcase for unique interiors - Cantiero
picture Italian classic white bookcase for unique interiors - Cantiero

Italian classic white bookcase for unique interiors - Cantiero

Marine-oriented furniture sets from Italy



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integration of high-quality materials and interior decoration-specific styles is the  credo of the Italian Cantiero brand. It specializes in designing and making incredibly luxurious items of furniture. The firm focuses on ultimate quality resulting from the history of the brand, the proper approach to technological processes, as well as following the old school of craftsmanship. Made in Italy label has been associated with quality, unsurpassed design, and fantastic patterns for centuries. All these aspects are treated with utmost respect by Cantiero. Thanks to that, the company is known all over the world today.

In 1949, Severino Cantiero founded a crafting workshop in Bovolone to manufacture top quality classic items of furniture. The workshop started making stylish wooden furniture thanks to the involvement of some sculptors and carpenters. With time, the created items became the quintessence of Italian elegance and craftsmanship. From 1982 to the present day, Remo Cantiero and his team have gone a long way and have achieved a remarkable success!
Today, the Shipyard brand is a successful manufacturer of prestigious items of furniture and is frequently compared to most famous manufacturing houses operating on the international market. Cantiere's recognition is the result of a continuous stream of new products characterized by innovative aesthetics and excellent quality. The factory gives a new life to classic items of furniture thanks to the utilization of new forms and colors. Each piece of furniture produced by Cantiero is adorned with components rooted in tradition. The products created are patented. What is more, class 1 of items of furniture offered to clients complies with EEC standards.

Cantiero’s items of furniture offer a peculiar overview of various techniques and styles. The designs combine modernism, classicism, and modernity. It is like a trip through eras and the presentation of variations on luxurious items of furniture and accessories that will surely fit into every apartment perfectly. Unique apartments should be equipped with Cantiero products, because in their case - wonderful design meets quality. The durability of the items makes the discussed furniture to serve a number of generations.
The Luxury Products team has many years of experience when it comes to designing and arranging elite interiors. We would like to encourage you to meet our designers.

Attributes / Details
Manufacturer Cantiero
Model CV1014
Size L.388 H.208,2 P./D.29/43 cm
Material Producent używa materiałów: lite drewno, lite drewno orzecha, drewno dębowe, drewno orzechowe, drewno wenge, orzechowa pływa meblowa, tekstylia, marmur z drewna orzechowego, skóra naturalna, eco skóra, szkło, inne materiały.
Gwarancja 24 miesiące
Style of interior design Classic style
Destiny To living room
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