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a sophisticated island in a classic style
picture A designer island for stylish interiors - Brummel

A designer island for stylish interiors - Brummel

Luxurious Italian bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, and dining room furniture. The combination of tradition and high quality materials - it is the main principle that Brummel follows.


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Astounding concepts and Italian style define the Brummel brand. Its identity is rooted in the southern European tradition, classical inspiration, and innovative approach. The incredibly distinctive features of the designed items of furniture combined with sensitivity and lightness are the hallmarks of luxury according to Brummel. A simple message pertaining to artistic freedom and cultural aspects conveyed by Italian craftsmen is truly impressive. It has made us more and more interested in the products offered by said brand, finally resulting in said goods being implemented as a part of the Luxury Products portfolio.

"Brummel cucine was established in 1982. From the very beginning of its operation, its aim has been to create a very dynamic and functional company, the characteristic features of which would be innovative and continuous research focusing on exclusive, eclectic solutions of universal character. The goal has also been to ensure a strong and successful identity of the company. The ability to combine the Italian furniture-making tradition with contemporary sensibility and innovative features has allowed the firm to quickly achieve success that has passed the test of time. A key element has been the introduction of detailed and ingenious projects taking into account the requirements of innovation-hungry clients and their well-being. The combination of luxurious aesthetics and functionality stimulating strong emotions has proven to be perfect, especially on constantly changing national and international markets. A synthesis between pride in values, the quality of Made in Italy products, and the ability to gain the trust and respect of customers are keys to a tremendous global success.
The global expansion achieved over the years has made it possible for Brummel to reach international markets, which has in turn resulted in winning the recognition of a demanding audience. The most valuable types of wood are selected with passion, patiently seasoned, combined with marble, granite, stone, metal, as well as with various crystals of rare beauty. Exceptional details are hand-made and designed with utmost meticulousness. Yet another big step in expanding the production of the discussed manufacturing house has taken place in the last few years, as Brummel has abandoned classic kitchen products to expand to Total Living, which are products created thanks to the knowledge of people capable of designing kitchens with passion, as well as conveying all the key emotions and moods.

Over the years, the entire production cycle has been conducted exclusively in Italy, at the Brummel factory, where every phase of the production process has been carried out. In addition, strategic partnerships with technology-oriented companies have made it possible to integrate the created products with automated components and operating mechanisms that guarantee an exceptional performance. Taking care of ecology and sustainable development, the company has a high level of respect for both people and the environment. In fact, Brummel has a production system that puts emphasis on important aspects, such as the quality, safety and non-toxicity of its products.
All materials are FSC-controlled. Moreover, the use of solid wood ensures that Brummel products do not generate any formaldehyde contamination. During the production phase, steps are taken to promote energy saving, waste recovery, and the reduction of pollutant emissions. Environmentally-friendly finishes and water-based paint cycles guarantee a healthier environment and protect the health of customers. The internal incinerator burns wood scraps at very high temperatures with minimal emission of smoke to the atmosphere and produces thermal energy allowing for heating the premises.

Every single Brummel product is "Made in Italy" one that is environmentally friendly, characterized by the highest quality, unique, exclusive, and perfectly adjusted to the needs of the client. Today, more than 30 years later, Brummel is still highly regarded all over the world. "

Attributes / Details
Manufacturer Brummel
Model ISOFAR230
Material Struktura drewna dostępna w wielu drewnianych esencjach i wykończeniach.
Weight 80 kg, 3,25 m³
Destiny To home
Style of interior design Classic style
Dodatkowe informacje Producent wykonuje na życzenie projekty i meble według specyfikacji klienta. Szeroki wybór drewna, kolorów, odcieni oraz połączeń materiałów.
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