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Italian wooden bookcase - Interiors Italia

Charming projects by Interiors Italia show the way of making goods in the Provencal style.


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Luxury straight from Italy exceptionally beautiful Provencal style items of furniture

What, in your opinion, is the Provence style? We believe that items made in compliance with its principles should be hand-made in nature. Such goods are produced by an Italian factory we would like to familiarize you with.

Interiors Italia brand is very knowledgeable in terms of interior design and creates fascinating items of furniture in the Provence style.

Why to opt for said Provence style items of furniture?

Interiors Italia has been making luxurious interior design elements since 1964 by utilizing old production techniques. Thanks to that, Italian sculptors and woodworkers can transfer their ideas to the processed material to the fullest extent.

As it has been mentioned earlier, those Italian works of art are made in the majority of cases by hand. Shelves, panels, and sculptures are major handmade semi-products.

The approach assumed by the manufacture is oriented towards providing the interested individuals with the taste and design that was typical for past epochs. We can undoubtedly state that such an approach is very successful. Several years of experience yields great effect.

One cannot find cheap resources of knock-offs here. Everything is Made in Italy by Cittia di Castello. Each Provence item of furniture is hand polished and waxed by means of utilization of natural waxing products.

That is why such a long and meticulous process truly presents the soul of antique furniture to all the viewers.

Provence items of furniture – what finishing methods does the Italian manufacture offer?

Interiors Italia offers its products in five variants.

Antiqua – finish in the color of the essence, either aged or not, in such colors as cherry, nut, or chestnut.

Arles – one-color lacquer finish in oak, cherry base.

Provence – colorful paint applied by means of a brush, aged.

Decorata – colored with a gypsum-based brush with hand-made decorations, aged.

Classic simplicity – colored with a gypsum-based brush aged and offered in various colors.

Such options will surely make it possible for you to choose an item that will perfectly match your interior. The manufacture produces goods that are customizable in terms of dimensions, materials used, colors, and patina.

It can be said that each and every product can be tailor-made to meet customer’s expectations.

Provence items of furniture – design and style.

For us, those beautiful items are predominantly connected with warm and romantic colors, such as white, beige, pastel, or brown. Some of them are also decorated with majestic sculptures making them look even more stunning.

They are also characterized due to the implementation of one-of-a-kind fittings that make the goods offered look truly exquisite. There are many floral and leaf-based patterns that are typical for the Provence style.

The products can be also artificially aged by resorting to methods followed by Italian artisans many decades ago!

Wrought elements perfectly complement the old, antique accessories and make a unique whole.

It has to be taken into account that Provence items of furniture have to be properly matched to floors and walls. They should preferably be white, with some old decorative elements, or be covered with aged panels.

Floors should be made out of stone, heavy tiles, or aged wood. The heaviness of the surface will neatly contrast with the lightness of the Provence items of furniture.

Provence furniture – we will help you choose all the required accessories.

In order for the apartment to comply with the Provence designing style, you need a bit more than just items of furniture alone. The mood is created by properly chosen decorative elements.

Our portfolio incorporates brands that purposefully make and produce accessories to fit specific styles. We can then select them and provide you with those perfect for the Provence-based interior design style.

There are many raw products, as well as some sturdy and aged ones. They are made out of such materials as: pewter, clay, iron, and wood. We know how to combine them to create the sense of integrity and an overwhelming beauty.

Bold additions will shape your luxurious interior and will make it possible for you to enjoy the true beauty of Provence!

Do not forget to check out the entire portfolio of the Interiors Italia manufacture!

Attributes / Details
Manufacturer Interiors Italia
Model PR661
Collection Maison De Provence
Materials The producer uses wood in its production. It is mainly an old fir tree, due to the ecological approach of the brand for the production and protection of the environment. Old trees consume less carbon dioxide, therefore they are replaced by a young tree stand.
Furniture finish Antiqua - finish in the shade of essence, aged or not on the colors of the cherry, nut or chestnut. Arles - a single-color varnished finish with an oak based Provence cherries - colored paint with a brush based on plaster, aged Decorata - colored with a brush on the basis of plaster with hand-made decorations, aged Old simplicity - colored with a brush on the basis of plaster, aged with different shades
Additional information Manufacturer's offer fully configurable in terms of colors, dimensions, materials and patins. The entire production process takes place in Italy. The colors of the wood may slightly differ from the colors in the pictures. The furniture transport costs are calculated individually, depending on the amount of the order and the destination.
Destiny To kitchen
Style of interior design Provencal style

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