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beautiful and original elegant rug for stylish interiors
picture Red luxury carpet - Art relief

Red luxury carpet - Art relief

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Art Relief Company is the only firm in Europe dealing with manual artistic carpet relief and creating exceptional works of art characterized by their exceptional shapes and Swarovski crystal finish, especially when it comes to the Ater carpet line. The discussed true fascination with luxurious carpets has been the result of the love of top quality goods that can be observed nowadays as well.
Both creation and production techniques taken advantage of are exceptionally complex and time consuming, but it has to be pointed out that out-of-the-box handmade items are truly worth it! They are the combination of experience in the field of new technologies and a modern approach to the process of creating a product from scratch.

Elegant carpets for stylish interiors and living rooms – Sculpted relief carpet

In order to achieve the unusual effect of a 3D relief, the producer takes advantage of precise sculpting methods. Thanks to the said fact, relief carpets are truly unique and will make each and every interior look much more fascinating and stunning. To make the choice easier for our customers, we present them with two basic options: they may opt for ready-made patterns or create one from scratch. While designing a customized carpet, we draw inspiration from the style of a given interior – that is why our relief carpets perfectly complement already existing compositions. All you have to do is to send us the picture of your interior – we will take care of the rest, visualize a perfect design, and create a marvelous project just for you. 

We utilize only top class materials to make our relief carpets. Our brand utilizes top quality materials, such as acryl, leather, velour, wool, and various types of fabric. We focus predominantly on the meticulousness of details and the excellence of the ready-made item. Every single miniscule detail, element, or composition is polished and made in such a way for the carpet to look stunningly beautiful even after many years of constant use.

Material: wool or acryl
Dimensions: standard 1.40 x 2.00, 1.60 x 2.30, 2.00 x 3.00 (it is also possible to order 2.50 x 3.50 and 3.00 x 4.00 items)
Technology: manual tufting, manual fleece sculpting  
Color scheme: pastel (one or max. two hues)
Exciting carpets incorporating Swarovski crystals

We would like to offer our clients handmade fabulous carpets characterized by unusual shape, customized design, and finish based on SWAROVSKI’s crystals. The most exclusive line of Ater carpets is the combination of fur, velour, and SWAROVSKI crystals characterized by their one-of-a-kind glam and exceptional polish. noble crystal-decorated carpets belonging to the Ater line are made by hand by means of taking advantage of top quality materials only, including ecological fur and velour. The simplicity of the background, the meticulous main design, and thousands of SWAROVSKI crystals neatly complement one another, creating a perfect whole. While proper tricks of the light are taken care of, said exquisite decoration will make every single interior look gorgeous. 

Material: ecological fur and Swarovski crystals on a 100 % black velour.
Dimensions: standard 1,50 x 2,20.
Technology: manual creation.
Available colors: black.
Framework: 100% black velour.
Underside: red ecological non-slippery leather.

Hand-woven carpets with Swarovski crystals – top class handmade 

Modern and truly one-of-a-kind carpets with Swarovski crystals included in the Diamond collection are an unusual solution for a luxurious house, elite villa, or a neat apartment. Such carpets are the pinnacle of taste and elegance. They are made by Polish artists taking advantage of manual tufting and utilizing top quality materials only. Additionally, they are decorated with SWAROVSKI crystals, so they will make every single interior look exceptional. Elegant Diamond line carpets can be utilized to decorate not only floors, but also walls of villas and apartments owned by our Clients.  As they will glitter in the sun, as well as in the light of candles or fire in the chimney thanks to the addition of Swarovski crystals, such items will ensure an unforgettable atmosphere in your prestigious house. Each and every carpet is a small work of art designed and made by a specific artist. 

Material: acryl, SWAROVSKI crystals
Dimensions: circle – diameters of 150 cm ; 175 cm ; 200 cm ; 250 cm.
Rectangle – 1,40 x 200 ; 160 x 2,30 ; 2,00 x 3,00 ; 2,50 x 3,50.
Technology: manual tufting.
Available colors: black, ecru.
Luxurious carpets for exceptional style aficionados. 

Among innovative carpets, those belonging to the 3D collection and characterized by three-dimensional nature are undoubtedly all the rage. 3D carpets are typically opted for by the true fans of minimalism and art-deco style. The shape, pattern, and color of every item made can be specified by the Client after consulting the design with us or his or her architect.

Art Relief artists will introduce a customized design to the carpet in order to properly adjust it to the style and nature of living room, bedroom, or personal office. 3D carpets are made out of top class fiber and are characterized by an unusual texture that is the result of the interwoven acrylic yarn.  Color pallet is based on contrasts - golden or silver fiber goes perfectly with a black acrylic yarn, whereas black fiber look stunning while combined with either white or beige yarn. Every single carpet can be additionally decorated with big SWAROVSKI crystals (on Client’s demand).

Material: one-of-a-kind fiber – polyester combined with 100% acrylic yarn, Swarovski crystals.
Dimensions: standard 1,40 х 2,00; 1.60 х 2.30; 2.00 х 3.00 (2.00 х 3.00), other possible variants: 2,50 х 3,50, 3,00 х 4,00.
Technology: handmade.
Background color: black, silver, golden.
Decorative elements:  Swarovski crystals (on individual request).

Fur rugs – natural and exceptionally stylish
Fur rugs belonging to the Original collection are just perfect when you want to show your impeccable interior design and taste. All of such items are made by artists in order to meet your needs, as well as create goods that will be perfectly adjusted to your preferences.
Goods from the Original collection are made out of such materials as: velour, leather, as well as mink, fox, rabbit, and raccoon dog furs. That is why fur rugs incorporated in our offer are so distinctive – especially thanks to their unparalleled quality and unusual design. The combination of various styles, drawing inspiration from most successful compositions, as well as the utilization of intriguing amalgamations are all the warranty that each and every product from our offer is a unique item of high artistic value. 

Collection: Original – natural fur, velour.
Material: natural fur,  SWAROVSKI crystals (mink or fox fur).
Dimensions: 1,50 x 2,20.
Technology: handmade.
Color: black, others.
Framework: 100% black velour.
Underside: 100% natural leather.

To meet the needs of our Clients, we have launched the interior visualization option. Please send us the picture of your room, office, or interior where the ordered carpet is to be placed and our graphic design expert will include it in the picture in a selected spot while taking a proper care to maintain both its dimensions and proportions. 
What is more, we can make rug in virtually any size for you on your individual request. Our experienced advisor will take care of dimensions and adjusting the product to your interior. He or she will visit you and offer the most suitable project.
Luxury Productsbrand offers its Clients perennial experience in designing and arranging most exclusive private and professional spaces.

Attributes / Details
SKU #82-18
Manufacturer Art Relief
Design Classic
Additional information The final price is determined individually depending on the dimensions and materials used for production.
Size On individual order
Form Rectangle

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